Tomorrow's workouts, Flash reflex systems, Virtual reality planking


Guide your members into the thrilling future of working out

Tryouts curates and packages the most innovative and exciting workout gadgets for you and your members to try - hasslefree

Fascinating workout gadgets are constantly being released. Testing them all is a time and cost consuming task but ignoring them isn't an option to stay ahead of the game

Tryouts find the most exiting news on the market and bring them to your gym for a tryout period. We come and stay on site to help your members and staff test the future and evaluate if anything is a good fit for your gym to make part of your standard offer.

Our offer

Bring the future on site for an engaging event or to find your next workout machines


Curate & package

We find the most exciting news on the market that fits your gym and we package them into an appealing setup that we bring


Demoing on site

No need for your staff to spend extra time or learn new gadgets. We come on site and help your members try the items we bring



Tryouts experience of which items are novel and lasting is helpful if you are looking to purchase

The future

Some of the latest items available for tryouts

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